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We’ve got people like Amy Schumer filling stadiums and changing the economic dynamic of women in comedy, and and Melissa Mc Carthy, but it’s always good to look back and see how little has changed and how much more work there still is to do. It’s cool for Midge to get a female mentor like Susie, who seeks her out and gives her guidance. Susie knew she liked this business and knew she liked picking talent out of it, but I don’t know if she ever thought she could effectively manage until she saw Midge.

It’s unheard of that she’s doing this stream of conscious [act] from a female point of view.

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She's hardened, but there's a lot of soft mushy vulnerability inside.", from Mark V.

Olsen and Will Scheffer, Borstein played Dawn Forchette, one of the put-upon nurses at Mount Palms Hospital, opposite Laurie Metcalf, Mel Rodriguez and Niecy Nash. Not just the character and experience, but my personal life was changing so much then. "Amy—it's 100 percent her, the characters are a piece of her.

Midge and Susie are so interesting and so fun to play because they’re both women learning to say no and learning not to appease and decide, “What do I want? ” Why do you think Susie is so interested in comedy? I think, being quick-witted and being dark and being sarcastic, she just bent toward comedy and realized very quickly she had an eye for it.

Some people have asked me, “Do you think she’ll ever do stand-up?

Sherman-Palladino wrote the role of Susie, a butch employee at the Gaslight Café turned manager of Rachel Brosnahan’s Midge Maisel, with Borstein in mind. After HBO cancelled script, “Of course I loved it and I texted her, ‘Fuck you, now what do I do? “I couldn’t possibly say no to it because I don’t know if anything like this would ever come up again.” With that, Borstein, who’s best known for her role on , is back on TV. When I started doing it, people at clubs would say, “Well, you’re very funny but I can’t book you, you don’t have enough jokes per minute.” Then, they were like, “You’re more of an alternative storyteller and you’d have to go to a special alternative night.” Now, it’s blended. It’s so nice not being responsible for the writing.

The actress spoke to Vulture about collaborating with her old friends the Palladinos, what stand-up was like in the 1950s, and why it’s fun to play a woman who isn’t trying to appease anyone. You’ve got a lot of people that are telling stories, doing characters, then there’s a joke, then there’s a character. This is a joke guy, this is a political guy, this is a character person. I listened to a lot more Lenny Bruce, because I’d known a little bit of his work but not tons, so I really wanted to learn more about him.We have a shorthand, being friends with them and trusting them for 20 years. She could just be like, “You’re doing something weird with your face there, stop it.” We can be callous with each other, which is kind of fun. There’s always moments within scenes where I disagree, but in terms of the grand scheme of who Susie is, no, we’re on the same page. My grandmother and my mother are Susies, in a sense. She’s got something that people want and she’s fighting for something she believes in.My biggest worry is I want to make sure she’s not just the same brash. I’ve had, not my own agents and managers, but met agents and managers and club owners along the way. I think Midge could be perfectly satiated every weekend doing a show at the Gaslight.” I think she’d be terrified to actually be vulnerable on stage.I think Susie prefers being a Salieri instead of a Mozart."The Jewishness of the show, checkbox, didn't need to study that.

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