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Learn to Squirt Many women who enjoy G-Spot play have also experienced ejaculation or “squirting.” Some women will only ejaculate a small amount while others might gush. In order to squirt, it’s important to be very relaxed. Fear of losing control and fear of incontinence could inhibit your ability to ejaculate.If you are trying to make a partner ejaculate, it is important to ease her fears about this.Remember to angle fingers, toys, or penises upward, toward the belly button. Or a second video; brunette Im looking for a specific video, maybe someone can help me find it...

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If anyone has information of this, please post it here or send a private message. I confess that I just played 30 minutes of hot sensual blues on my guitar while my brother was banging his wench in our laundry room down the hall.

I was jamming out coming off of a killer weed high. I could hear them clearly as they were colliding hard against each other quieting any moans they wanted to make.

When you find the area, it should feel spongy or textured.

You can also use a firm, curved toy, like G-Spot Slim #909 or G-Spot Tickler #930 to assist in finding your G-Spot.2.

It is also a good idea not to place too much emphasis on making her ejaculate, so that she can enjoy the sensations without feeling pressure to perform.

A “need to pee” sensation is common and often the precursor to female ejaculation.

The movie came out sometime between 19 and was still available to buy at least as of 2002-2004.

This VHS and possibly DVD used to be advertised for sale on a scat or fetish website that I don't remember the name of.

Find the G-Spot It is ideal to be in a relaxed position, preferably on your back, or resting on pillows.

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