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Of course, being gay is not the only reason they won't accept a donation. If you have insurance, you sign a release allowing them to give your medical records to the insurance company so they will pay your claim.

The form also asks if you have any blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, std's such as syphillis or if you are an intravenous drug user, among others. You can sign a general release or a release allowing only specific information to be provided.

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That person will the know that you're disease-free or at least free of the diseases that they tested for.

Of course, it's usually best for both of you to be tested and then swap cards.

People with diabetes cannot donate, neither can hemophiliacs (sp? And as you said, after donation, they test the blood for abnormalities to make sure that you didn't lie to them on the form or perhaps that you may have a problem with your blood that you honestly don't know about. They don't want to give your blood to another person if there is a problem and of course, you wouldn't want them to, either. With an insurance release, you usually sign the general type.

(of course that doesn't stop the insurance company from releasing your medical information to every other insurance company on the face of the earth, which you know they do.

If you answer "yes" or are unable to sign the form because you can't fulfill the condition that you are "not" gay, they won't allow you to donate blood. I see no reason to donate if they don't want my blood, plus I'm not going to lie about my sexuality.

Should you act upon your bi-curiousity, you would no longer be able to be honest with the blood center.The thing about this is that it is truly anonymous.They are not even going to ask your name if you don't want to tell them.Once you give them the number, they will tell you whether you are free of the diseases that they tested for.If you yourself are relatively sure that you are disease free, give the card to the person you are with and let them call the clinic at the designated time.You would have to sign a new release every time that you want to show a person that you are disease-free.

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