Jewish and gentile dating

So, if you are part of a Jewish-Gentile couple, or you know one of these couples, then you know you are now in the majority!

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News that the prime minister’s son, who is 23, is dating Sandra Leikanger, 25, was first reported by the Norwegian daily Dagen.

The tall, svelte blonde met the younger Netanyahu at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, where the two study.

Yair Netanyahu is “spitting on the grave of his grandfather and grandmother,” Dr.

Hagai Ben-Artzi, brother of Sara Netanyahu, said Monday of his nephew’s relationship with a non-Jewish Norwegian woman.

Howard Krein, a 45-year-old medical scientist (MD/Ph D).

Reporters noted their mutual interest in social causes and commitment ... Karen said, "I believe that without trusting in Jesus' atonement, your sins are not forgiven.Earlier on Monday, ultra-Orthodox Shas MK Arye Deri responded to news of the relationship by saying, “If God forbid it’s true, then woe to us, woe to us.” Deri told the Kol Barama radio station the relationship was no mere personal matter because Netanyahu is a “symbol of the Jewish people.” “I know friends of mine who invest tens of millions and more, hundreds of millions to fight assimilation in the world,” Deri said.By contrast, Rabbi Amnon Bazak of the Har Etzion yeshiva defended the prime minister and expressed the hope that should Yair choose to wed his present girlfriend, Leikanger would undergo a conversion to Judaism prior to the nuptials.One study asked Jewish-Gentile couples to describe their greatest challenges.Among the most commonly reported barriers was in their effort to find spiritual harmony.Karen* wrote asking for advice about how to relate to her Jewish boyfriend. But I also believe that the Jews are God's chosen people." That is a common view among so many Christians. Biblical beliefs about salvation, as held by followers of Jesus, are a category of dogmas – religious truths.

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