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Boone Pickens and Jerry Jones – seeming less the obnoxious name-dropper than disbelieving lottery winner. At that price, it was one of the most expensive homes ever sold in Canada at the time. I don’t want to comment on it.” According to AT&T Canada’s annual report for 2000, Brak Systems was acquired for .2 million cash that year. Tolkien and setting the pace for an examination of Dragon No.

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Reporters from Toronto Star have done a series of extremely well written and insightful interviews (not your usually fluffy and all positive interviews) with the five CBC Dragons: Kevin O’Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Robert Herjavec, Brett Wilson. And wish I could be as good in conducting some of my own interviews with people. O’Leary, the company’s president, had just over a million shares. Within months of the deal, announced in December 1998, Mattel issued warnings of unexpected losses at LCI.

Note: The included excerpts (in the order they were published in Tor Star) are meant to give us sides of the dragons that we don’t usually see on the TV shows. In late October, 1999, the toymaker announced that the Learning Company division incurred an after-tax loss of about $105 million in the third quarter as opposed to what had been a projected profit of $50 million.

“He’s the voice of experience.” Even the entrepreneurs seeking money that he has rejected describe him as kind and respectful – The Nice Dragon, The Quiet Dragon. “I’ve said to everyone on the show: treat these guys with respect, because they’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, and what we may take as a joke, or fun, these guys have lived it for four or five years,” Treliving says. “I think the neat thing with Jim is that it happened a little bit later in life, in his 60s.

Says Christine Poirier, who pitched Momzelle nursing apparel: “He just seemed like a grandfather type of guy.” […] In 1983, he and accountant George Melville bought the 44-restaurant Boston Pizza chain, which they have since grown to 340 locations in Canada and 55 in the U. It didn’t happen when he was 30 and messed him up,” says Boston Pizza president and COO Mark Pacinda. Coming into a bit of money wasn’t really going to change him.” […] He also enjoys being recognized in public.

On a panel with made-for-TV personalities like Kevin O’Leary, who rarely offers a suggestion when a put-down will do, Treliving casts a dignified presence. “I watch him in the show, and I’m going, jeez, I’m not sure if I follow that, if that’s really the Jim I know,” says Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson, a friend since Treliving worked at his first restaurant in Penticton, B. The Treliving that his friends know, for example, is a gregarious people person: a talker, a storyteller, an Alpha Male toucher with a penchant for unexpected backslaps (of men) and hugs (of both men and women), an interpreter of personalities and intentions.

“He’s kind of like the chairman of the board to us,” says executive producer Tracie Tighe. […] As a self-made man who got his windfall around the age more precocious entrepreneurs tend to call it quits, he is an oddity akin to a 33-year-old NHL rookie.

* Kevin O’Leary: Canada’s unrepentant Dragon – O’Leary is breathing fire (and building his personal brand) on CBC TV’s business reality show Dragons’ Den. O’Leary wasn’t the company’s largest shareholder, not by a long shot. Lee Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm, held nine million shares. As much as O’Leary proclaimed that he would never work for anyone again after the gum-on-the-floor debacle, he was, at the time of the disastrous Mattel numbers, an employee of that company.

Here is an excerpt, What made Kevin O’Leary rich was the moment he calls the “massive liquidity event,” that is the sale of LCI to toymaker Mattel Inc. As part of the merger, O’Leary signed a three-year employment agreement that included a base salary of 0,000, 1.7 million stock options to be converted to Mattel shares and a reporting line to Jill Barad, the first woman to ascend to the CEO’s chair at Barbie Inc.

O’Leary is chairman – he does not manage the funds himself. The company’s branding line: “Get paid while you wait.” Investment philosophy: never buy a security that doesn’t have yield.

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