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One hundred and six pitches for Strasburg on a "Wuthering Heights" day at Wrigley. The champions of the world never had a chance against him.

No one playing would have had a chance against Strasburg at Wrigley on Wednesday.

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He came out of the bullpen in the Wild Card Game against the Twins, pitched brilliantly over 3 1/3 innings, got the win. Knew enough to pull his glove back and let somebody else field Lindor's grounder in the bottom of the fifth.

"You see a ball coming back at you, your first response is to protect yourself, whether it's hit hard or not," Robertson said. The only time he didn't do it was in the eighth inning of Game 2, when he gave up the home run to Jay Bruce that tied the game at eight.

Boasts unique prize-winning design that is extremely stable, durable & easy to use.

The long, great moment that began last October, with the last World Series, continues in baseball.

For a quick view skyward, nothing beats an Astroscan!

CMAS has in its possession the prototype of this telescope, at Brower Observatory.The postseason of 2017 simply continues to get better and better, every single day and night, and that includes the epic Game 5 between the Cubs and Nationals, Chicago winning 9-8 on Thursday night and finishing off what has been such a rousing and dramatic and compelling first round, in Boston and Houston, New York and Cleveland, Chicago and Washington, LA and Phoenix, part of a dream baseball map.The week began with the Yankees staying alive in their series against the Indians because "All Rise" Judge rose up on Sunday and took a two-run homer away from Frankie Lindor that would have effectively ended that series and the Yankees season before it got anywhere near Houston. Then went into Cleveland for Game 5 and beat a team that had won 35 of its past 39 games.It was designed, built, and donated by Stanley Brower. We have never been certain the exact relationship between our prototype and the Astroscan sold commercially.Tonight, we’ll learn more after Norm inspects ours, and speaks about the Astroscan’s origins.The Yankees' MVP in the six games the team has played, including the Wild Card Game, is David Robertson.

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