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The mother of computing science; contributed to the first published computer program; was the first person to see that computers could do more than mathematical calculations, recognizing that musical notes and letters of the alphabet could be turned into numbers for manipulation by computers.

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Her founding work in abstract algebra revolutionized mathematics.

The father of modern microbiology; transformed chemistry and biology with his discovery of mirror-image molecules; discovered anaerobic bacteria; established the germ theory of disease; invented food preservation by pasteurization.

His profound contributions to the physical sciences include Gauss’s Law & Gauss’s Law for Magnetism.

Built the world’s most powerful electromagnets; discovered electromagnetic induction independently of Faraday; made scientific breakthroughs that allowed Samuel Morse to invent the telegraph.

There’s more to Fermat than his famous last theorem.

The father of modern science, Galileo discovered the first moons ever known to orbit another planet and that the Milky Way is made of stars.He defined elements, compounds, and mixtures; and he discovered the first gas law – Boyle’s Law.Produced the best star catalog that had ever been compiled and measured the orbit of Mars with unprecedented accuracy, paving the way for Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and Newton’s law of gravity.Discovered the Bernoulli Effect explaining how aircraft wings generate lift; formulated a kinetic theory relating particle speeds in gases to temperature; made major discoveries in the theory of risk.Founded quantum mechanics when he remodeled the atom so electrons occupied ‘allowed’ orbits around the nucleus while all other orbits were forbidden; architect of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.Founded modern geology when he discovered how to interpret rocks.

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