Talking dirty to girls online - Become intimidating

We are in the gym working our a**es off to…well…get a better a**. We like to instead obsess over all of our imperfections while insta-stalking fitness models (guilty…).We are women who have opinions and don’t mind sharing our two cents by posting an essay caption on Instagram if we feel like it. Bottom Line: independent women to get a bad case of girl envy (put on your shock faces ladies and gentleman). It can be hard to see ourselves as pretty, hot, or beautiful. So…when a pretty girl walks up to a guy or girl, it can cause them to freak the f*ck out.As I was googling and reading similar articles for this post, I stumbled upon an article written about woman intimidation from a man’s perspective.

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Again, we are left feeling like we are the problem and maybe we should tone it down??? Independent women don’t need a man, woman, or anyone else to give them what they want in life.

They will essentially start from the bottom and work their way up to the top.

People will bring us down by saying we are cocky, making fun of our projects, giving us a guilt trip that we invest too much time in ourselves, not being able to congratulate us on our accomplishments, and so much more. Your issue is that you don’t realize your intimidation is causing these consequences, and you aren’t using them to your full advantage. It always seemed to lead to issues which I mentioned earlier.

I was looking at my intimidation in all the wrong ways.

We have goals and interests in life that we are actively pursuing on a daily basis (and a boyfriend isn’t considered a project in our book).

We are financially secure without having to wish upon a star that some sugar daddy will find our bikini photo on Instagram and offer us his penthouse.If her personality sucks or we just don’t click as friends, that is a valid excuse.I don’t know about you, but I am buying the crop top regardless if Betty is going to make a negative comment or not.It’s not worth your time to try to change them anyway (time is of the essence people..let’s not waste it on stupid).There is so much hate going around on social media and amongst girls when it comes to attire. I don’t plan on wearing turtle necks and maxi skirts to save me some shade from other people.I have never felt the need to comment any “hater” rants on someone’s content, but I was so tempted with this one.

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