Attention datingbuzz favourite photo profile

Instead of contacting you, scammers can initiate your interaction not through verbal message but by liking your pictures.

They use this technique to reduce your future doubts about your being a target.

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Rege (2009) states, that the scammer contacts the victim and then builds a strong emotional and mental connection with their victim for six to eight months.

Scammers are also likely “to share” the same core beliefs, religion and spirituality.

Scammers’ profile does not reflect their specific requirements as it will reduce the opportunities of attracting more victims.

In this way, more people will reply and meet their open-ended requirements.

For regular chatting, scammer will be interested in your other social media accounts, emails, personal address, residence, and phone number.

Maintaining contact outside of the website is a defensive tool as they are aware of the monitoring system of online dating website, and can be easily caught.

A classic scammer may also create a very exotic profile.

Scammers tell their victims they were born to parents of different nationalities, which usually makes them look more exotic, interesting, and open-minded. Scammers usually look extremely gorgeous in their photos and have Latin and Spanish names that emit romantic energy.

If their reply to your message sounds strange and irrelevant, this is a sign that you deal with a scammer who is too lazy to focus on your interaction.

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